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about FanZeeWear pants


“Bliss” is a feeling of pleasure and happiness. Happiness is a lifestyle choice. Make the right choices often enough and you can live a healthy, productive, caring and fun life. You can fanzeewear.

Every pair of FanZeeWear leggings is the culmination of my personal experience, feeling bliss like our first range, “fanzeewear, be-yourself” combined with the creations of an artist, to create fun and vibrant yet very functional leggings. Designed to be studio to streetwear, FanZeeWear pants are designed and manufactured to be fun to work and play in.

The technical design of the pants was a 12 month project of consulting with experts on everything from fabric, to ink, to pattern making. This is what makes our product extremely unique and ideal and comfortable, not only for yoga but for everyday wear. We visited potential suppliers in several countries to find suppliers that share our passion for excellence and that understand our total focus on quality. Every pair of FanZeeWear pants is made from our own beZFlex™ fabric, according to our own proprietary patterns and finished according to the highest quality standards. They are designed to be beautiful and made to be functional.

With our series of FanZeeWear pants, we are celebrating the uniqueness of being a woman. We are celebrating your right to be exactly who you are, wherever you are and in the moment that you are in.

To this end, I chose “be yourself” as the first central theme for our limited editions designs. The self-assured and content woman’s face on the left leg of the pants was created by Jonathan Blaine, a street artist from Durban, South Africa.

Every design will be available exclusively as limited editions and every pair will be beautifully packaged as a unique gift to yourself or to someone that is equally special.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of every pair of your FanZeeWear pants will be donated to a charity linked with supporting the arts.




In design, manufacturing, presentation, and shipping to enhance your FanZeeWear shopping experience.




A once-off expression of the artist’s interpretation of our chosen theme.




It will simply be the most functional pair of all-purpose pants on the market.




Each pair of FanZeeWear
pants will be part of a once-off limited-edition collection.


Limited Edition Yoga Leggings



Your purchase will bring exposure to talented, young artists.


about the FanZeeWear all-purpose wear founder


I am a qualified movement teacher (pilates, vinyasa and yin yoga) with more than 12 years of teaching experience. I started my movement journey in 2005 in the USA and have since then traveled the world to learn, experience and to teach. I live in yoga pants and have done so for the past 12 years.