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about the founder


I am a qualified movement teacher (pilates, vinyasa and yin yoga) with more than 12 years of teaching experience. I started my movement journey in 2005 in the USA and have since then traveled the world to learn, experience and to teach. I live in yoga pants and have done so for the past 12 years.

Yoga pants became my studio to streetwear long before it became fashionable. It was obvious initially that the market was limited but as the yoga pants became more fashionable, so the designs became more beautiful. Most yoga pants were however designed to look good on Instagram bodies and very few were functional while wearing them for yoga or pilates sessions. Unless you had the perfect figure almost none were practical to wear outside the studio or the gym.

I wanted to change this by making beautiful, functional yoga pants that anybody can own. To bring you the FanZeeWear series of limited-edition all-purpose pants, I combined my experience of practically living in yoga pants with my love for art. It is designed to be as unique as a piece of art.

When I am not traveling, I live where I can see and hear the sea, surrounded by my own art collection. Beautiful things in a beautiful place.

Being bliss is my lifestyle choice. FanZeeWear all-purpose wear is designed and manufactured to suit that lifestyle.

what I know for sure

• fear is our biggest enemy
• without awareness there can’t be change
• we can’t heal from the same place where we got sick
• we get stuck when we do not move – and then we get old

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