The Journal


On 16 March 2019 , I decided that this is it!

I slept for only 3 hours, not for the first time in the past weeks. My body is not happy my mind is very busy. I have not been feeling like my normal self for weeks now.

Let’s move a little bit back in time..

When we relocated in 2016, to one of the most beautiful places in the world, to live right on the ocean in a pristine coastal forest sanctuary, my idea was: to live by the sea, do yoga every day and to enjoy the energy of the ocean. This was what I really needed at that time of my life.


It obviously didn’t work out exactly like that. First of all there were many changes. I love change, but change can be challenging, especially if you have a husband that doesn’t like change and a daughter who had to start a new school in the middle of grade 10. New school, environment, people, culture and away from our support system that we had built up over the past two decades. Like everything in my life, if I decided that this is what I have to do, then I do it with everything I have.

At first it was not difficult for me to maintain my yoga practice because my favourite yoga studio, GuruCat, was close to my daughter’s school and was where I took up my MFR practice again after relocating. GuruCat was also where I did my first 30 day hot yoga challenge shortly after we relocated. It ended up being a 45 day challenge for me since I did hot yoga for 15 days every day before the challenge to.

But settled is not my business… I was already a 200 hours qualified yoga teacher and a qualified yin yoga teacher but now decided to do aerial yoga certification, teach yin yoga and further my Myofascial Studies in the USA – more or less all at the same time.

My husband travels for his business a lot and is away almost 70% of the time so I have a lot to do on my own. I really had to juggle my time between supporting our daughter, teaching yoga, travelling both locally for aerial yoga training and internationally for MFR training and giving full attention to my MFR practice. The first casualty in this hectic schedule was my own regular yoga practice at GuruCat. I downloaded the yogaglo app to help me with self-practice and attended classes where I could but this changed from a daily practice to few and far between.

At the end of 2017, I added yet another challenge. I decided to design my own range of limited edition yoga pants, fanzeewear, and started my own e-commerce business to market and sell the range. This meant more challenges than I could imagine as well as increased international travel.

Oh dear – if I only knew what I was getting myself into. Challenging, creative and a total new journey with fanzeewear yoga pants. The year 2018 was dedicated to designing yoga pants, finding suppliers that understand top quality, sourcing the fabric that I wanted, creating a website that is different (who will think of shopping for yoga pants in a 3D art gallery), arranging models for photo shoots, learning about social media, e-commerce, challenges with the banks, PayPal, third party fulfilment companies and the list goes on.

Daily yoga became a distant memory but I kept thinking, Zelda, you still have to look after yourself while you are busy with all these other things. Attending yoga at GuruCat would have taken another 3 hours out of my day because by now, I had moved my MFR practice to where I live. I convinced myself to start running again. At least I could just put on my trainers – and there I go – no need to drive anywhere. I love running. It was obviously hard in the beginning because I am unfit. But with running next to the ocean, hard becomes less hard and fit becomes a feeling of bliss. Running is like meditation to me, it gives me time to clear my mind and I have discovered a lot of AHA moments while running.

In December 2018 I stopped in Bali on my way to do the Quality Acceptance on my first edition of fanzeewear yoga pants. Bali was where I did my 200hours teacher training in 2014 and after a few yoga classes at Yogabarn, I was again reminded how awesome yoga makes me feel and how much I love doing yoga! I undertook to take up my daily yoga practice again – come what may!

I did not reckon with 2019 – it came with a bang! Our daughter is now in Grade 12 and busy, became downright hectic. She is an Exec at school, hockey captain and takes 8 subjects. School is no longer from 8am to 3pm but most days 7am to 7pm. My husband was away from home basically for the first 2 months of the year and my undertaking to get back to my daily yoga practice was out of the door in days.

Now, for me not to exercise rigorously and regularly is hell. My mood suffers, my health suffers and I get just highly irritated all the time. Running was not enough, so I decided to buy myself a rebounder. I used to love rebounding and gave rebounding classes in my Pilates Studio some years ago. Earphones on, loud music in my ears (I Lived by One Republic is my favourite rebound song) and I can just jump the morning or the night away. Rebounding, gives me energy, makes me sweat and changes my mood immediately for the better.

With all the bouncing and running to get rid of the frustrations and to try and find more time, I did not pay too much attention to what my body felt like. I felt bliss… energy wise, but my body was suffering. Too much too quickly. I hurt my knee in 2017 during aerial yoga training and now again – for the 3rd time in the last 1½ years.

I was now even more stuck!!

All I keep asking myself in such situations is, what do I need to learn from this? My favourite thing to say is: ask the question but do not look for the answer, the answer will come – and it did on the morning of 16 March 2019. The answer was simple – “get back to your matt”.

I there and then made a promise to myself: I WILL DO YOGA EVERY DAMM DAY from hereon and to get going I will challenge myself to 365 days of practising yoga every day, starting right there. I decided to share this journey and cannot wait do so as I go along.

So please join me as we create bliss, stay bliss and share bliss – amongst all the noise, hustle and bustle of our daily lives.