The Journal


As often is the case, the most challenging of times show us opportunities that would not have been considered before. My journey to where I stand now as founder and owner of FanZeeWear™ has been an interesting one.

In 2004 my life was all about living the best outdoor life and water skiing was a favorite pastime. Until one day a freak accident occurred and the rope got wound around both my legs. With the force of the boat, it cut deep into the muscles as I was dragged around underwater for what seemed a churlish eternity. And so my pursuit to find the correct healing modality began. I knew there had to be a way to heal and restore full function to my left leg.

“Healing through movement” first piqued my interest when a chiropractor suggested I consider Pilates. So it began. I studied with Peak Pilates in the USA and opened my first Pilates studio in South Africa which I had for over 10 years. Through another course of events, I found myself studying around the world to obtain both Vinyasa and Yin Yoga accreditation. My interest in the Myofascial System led me back to the USA to train under John Barnes and it has, along with all the other practices, allowed me to truly appreciate the flow and movement of the human body.

It goes without saying then that I have spent the last 15 years in yoga attire. Yoga leggings became my studio to streetwear long before it became fashionable. It was obvious initially that the market was limited, but as yoga became more mainstream, so the designs became more creative and beautiful. Most, however, were designed to look good on Instagram bodies and very few were functional while practicing yoga or Pilates.

We are taught that to find your essence or purpose, you should infuse that which you are passionate about with your mission, vocation, and profession, this is where you will find the “sweet spot”, and it was from my love of movement and art that the concept for FanZeeWear™ was born. “Art that you can wear”.

The initial items launched in the FanZeeWear™ range are the series of yoga leggings, the first of which reflect the “be-yourself” belief. Through this, we encourage each person to be authentic and have the self-belief that they have the right to stand in their own truth. These beliefs have served as the inspiration for local South African artists to create the art pieces that are then digitized and printed onto our own beZFlex™ fabric. I designed the product firstly and foremostly for myself with great attention to detail in all technical aspects of the design. The waistband is higher than normal and cut to compliment every figure and is designed to assist and retain during inverted poses. The gusset provides freedom with security and the legs are cut longer than standard and will never ride up. Washing instructions are printed on the inside of the waistband so there are no labels that can scratch. Seems are flat-locked to feel smooth on your skin and stitched from the highest quality specially spun thread to ensure that seams will not snap. FanZeeWear™ yoga leggings are fabricated with beZFlex™ fabric that was specially sourced for the brand. It is designed to be quick-drying, squat proof and to hold a four-way stretch. The stitching is made with yarn that enhances all of the mentioned characteristics and only Japanese ink is used in sublimation printing. On a more personal note, to honor the injury to my leg all the artwork is printed on the left leg of the leggings. It is my way of acknowledging all that has been learned on this journey and to show gratitude for where it is yet to still guide me.

As I mulled over the smallest details, I knew I had to worry less about the “how” it would happen but concentrate more on what my ultimate vision was for the company. It took several long-haul trips to the manufacturer, pattern changes and fabric hiccups and it often felt impossible. I was told numerous times that what I wanted could not be done. This to me meant it was all the more reason to do it!.

My hope for my customers is that when they wear their yoga pants, they feel and experience the passion and quality of the design, fabric, ink, and manufacturing in their daily practice and in their everyday lives. They will experience all of this and know too that their purchase is helping a young artist to grow and thrive in a market that was previously unattainable. I have been led every step of the way by my intuition and often it was with fear in my heart and a “what are you thinking” thought in my head. But this idea kept me up at night and made me smile in between the tears of frustration, and now the end product epitomizes all that I adore and appreciate.

May this innovative design, fit and concept perfectly suit your body and practise May my product inspire self-belief and may it be instilled each time they are worn.

May my product effect a change in the world by raising awareness of unknown artists that may never have had the exposure, so that they then too may have a sense of self-belief.